The Truth About PageRank

The Truth About PageRank

As much as everyone says, “PR (PageRank) doesn’t matter”, or “PR doesn’t hold much weight anymore”, or “too many people focus on PR”, the fact is that when we find a High PR Site we get a little excited and start checking out the site. As long your using Google, and as long as your in the SEO Industry, it is a factor. It’s just not black and white. As long as links play a important role in SEO and Ranking, PR will always be a key aspect as well. There is tons of gossip about PageRank out there, be careful who you listen to. We hope you find this post The Truth About PageRank useful.

Many people think PR is PR, cut and dry. For the SEO Enthusiast or Pro Blogger, it’s definitely not, and we tend to dig a little deeper into the actual site. Just having a link from a High Pr Site is good, so you think. If there are no links and/or authority to back up that PR, then it’s useless. There are tons of sites that we are seeing on a daily basis that have a decent PR but nothing to stand behind it. Some other useful units to gauge a site are, DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). Myself and the other employees here keep getting emails with requests to trade links. They are basically offering to link from their page to yours, and then once they put the link up they will email you with what they want you to link to.

Here is the email:

My name is Giselle Life and I was wondering if you are interested in exchange links, I’ll place your link on my sites exactly here:

postbankbreaks(dot)com PR4

If you agree please send me your site details:

Title: Url:

I’ll place your link in less than 24 hours, then I’ll send you an email with my info.


If you don’t want to receive more mails just reply with “unsubscribe”.

Now this seems like a great deal for you, but it’s not.

Here is why:

Link Info

As you can see, there is no URL Rank, no Domain Rank, and no backlinks for this site. So they are getting a link on a great site (yours), and your getting a horrible link from them. Clearly, they have thought this through, and it actually really works for them. The problem is that the people have no clue what they are doing, they see a High PR site and just agree to this deal. Our point in this example is that just because a site has a decent PR, it doesn’t mean it can help you. A link from this site would not really benefit you in any way. If you do happen to get one of these requests, make sure to do the research for their site. Check Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, or Open Site Explorer, as all these will give your the information you need to gauge if this is the right decision for you. We also need to mention, this is not a reciprocal link exchange. They place a link on the page they referenced in the email, and then once that link is up, they send you a email telling you the details of their link. That will not be the same domain that your link is on. It’s actually a great idea, except that the site your getting the link on is horrible.

Note: Google released their first PageRank Update for 2013 at the beginning of this month.

Note 2: PR has nothing to do with search results. There are many sites that rank higher in the SERPS with lower PR.

Have you received one of these requests?

Did your PR increase or decrease?

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  1. Absolutely correct, we also received a lot of requests from those sites. But I deny all, because all those are spam. What they give you is a link from their spammy blogroll. You will see more than 50 links on their side bar. And the links which they give you will remove after few months. not permanent. So never get in to trouble by dealing with those people.

    My PR is still remaining as PR3
    Techmaker recently posted…5 Steps to Choosing the Right Data Center for Your CompanyMy Profile

    • So sorry for the delay in approving and replying to your comment. Thanks for stopping by.
      They buy these cheap domains for a low price, and send out those mass emails, but the problem is that most people do not know that these links are useless because they do not do the correct research first.

  2. I agree with you Mr.Justin “As long as links play a important role in SEO and Ranking, PR will always be a key aspect as well.”
    I like this article 🙂 Thanks

    • Hi Nugroho,

      Thanks for the comment, stay tuned for the follow up.

  3. That’s a cool one. I used Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer earlier but didn’t try Ahrefs though. But somehow I believe that higher PR site tend to get better ranking in SERP that lower PR sites.
    Taswir Haider recently posted…How to Submit Blog to TechnoratiMy Profile

    • Hi Taswir,

      Ahrefs is one of the best tools out there, in my opinion.
      Actually, PR has no direct effect on ranking, but links from high pr sites make the big difference in ranking.

  4. On the face of it, that link exchange looks like a great deal but as you say, you really need to dig a little deeper.

    I just checked Ahrefs for my site and the backlinks appear to have dive-nosed in December 2012.

    One site I know lost loads of comment links because of a problem with CommentLuv but for some of the other sites, there wasn’t even a link in the first place. I’m not sure I believe Ahrefs!
    Tim Bonner recently posted…Insomnia Is My NemesisMy Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      Again, so sorry for the delay in approving and replying, something happened with my comments 😉

      Ahrefs has proven to be the most valuable tool we have and use here. It has the freshest index, it can literally find links built in that same day, sometimes sooner like minutes to hours.

      They do random updates to their database and during that time things do get screwy, but in my opinion, they are the best backlink tool site.

      In regards to the link exchange, it’s completely useless, but to some people they think they hit the goldmine because they do not do or know how to check the site.

  5. Hey Justin, nice article. I have got PR4 for my blog but notice that some other blogs (with lower) PR rank higher than that of mine sometimes. When I analyze these blogs, I figure out that they have much more links than that of mine (many from low PR sources also). It reveals that quantity also matters. Google looks that how many domains/pages are linking to the concerned content and then rank it in SERPs.
    Rehmat recently posted…Add / Install Livefyre Comment System on Blogger BlogsMy Profile

    • Hi Rehmat,

      Thanks for stopping by SEOjus, sorry for the delay. Yes, PageRank has nothing to do with ranking, as you can see from your competition. When it comes to links they look at everything, quality, quantity, referring pages, referring domains, referring I.P’s, referring sub-domains, etc….It is very important to have a diverse link profile, with links from many sources, coming from multiple I.P’s.
      Justin recently posted…Buying A High PR DomainMy Profile

  6. I think you can be right, but after googlezoo armageddon we cannot be sure about anything I reapeat ANYTHING !

    • Hi Ludwik,

      Yes you are right, this game is changing all the time. the one thing we can be sure of is that a link from a High PR Site with no backlinks is a useless link.
      Justin recently posted…CommentLuv Premium Detailed ReviewMy Profile

  7. I had heard about the Pagerank update and found my site went up. To me, it’s got some importance but going to different sites, sharing, commenting, guest/posting that’s what I place more importance in. The fact that my PR may go up is a side effect of doing those other things.
    D. Dixon recently posted…Doing Keyword Research: Finding Your CompetitionMy Profile

    • Hi D.Dixon,

      I am so sorry about not approving and replying to your comment earlier, somehow something happened with lots of the comments.

      PageRank has it’s benefits to certain people, not everyone, for my company it is extremely important and commenting on sites isn’t really imperative at all. So everyone has their preferences, and runs their site/ different. Glad to hear your PR went up 😉

  8. While PR is still a factor in SEO and/or getting your blog out there through major visibility. The fact still remains: are you allocating your traffic to sales or at least clickthroughs? Building your audience whether it’s LinkedIn, your email marketing, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube is much more important, imho. You have more of a targeted audience that’s genuinely interested in YOUR brand.
    John recently posted…30 Surefire Ways to Explode Your Blog Post Promotion on the NetMy Profile

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for visiting SEOjus. For some people sales and click- through’s are not important. For example, click-through’s do not really mean anything to us. Each site has it’s own purpose, some people need traffic, some just need the site as a reference for customers.
      Justin recently posted…Buying A High PR DomainMy Profile

  9. Yeah, I’ve got few of these before. They said something like “Let’s do a link exchange! We’ve already linked to you: click here to see your link:” and sure enough if you click through you see a page with a link already there pointing back to you. BUT if you remove the “partner=you” bit from the URL your link disappears. Looked like a scam to me!
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted…Hello world – welcome to my new blog!My Profile

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for stopping by SEOjus, sorry for the delay. Just a quick thought, the default permalink setting for WP sites is like:, so if they edited that to what you are seeing, that could very well just be a sub page, which was created just for “you” then it will hold no PageRank, thus being useless. Thanks for the comment!!
      Justin recently posted…Buying A High PR DomainMy Profile

    • Hi James,

      Welcome to SEOjus, thanks for coming by. They certainly have perfected this, and sadly are very successful, usually only with people who do not fully understand PR and links. Appreciate your feedback and hope you will visit again!!
      Justin recently posted…Link Building Strategy For 2013My Profile

  10. Hey Justin, I didnt know this. This information is valuable. I started my blog in Dec 2012 and now have a PR1 in two months. I am doing ok thanks due to information given by you guys.
    But regarding the above scam I didnt know. I will be careful in future.
    Vijay Prabhu recently posted…Now Facebook hacked, Java used to hack the dataMy Profile

    • Hi Vijay,

      Welcome to SEOjus, thanks for stopping by. Congrats on the PR 1, it does feel good when Google rewards you after working so hard on your site. In the future just make sure the PR is real, and it has enough links coming in to benefit from, if indeed you decide to use this practice again.
      Justin recently posted…5 Important On Page SEO TipsMy Profile

    • Hi Vijay,

      Glad to hear you deleted it. The last thing you need is a link on a bad site or site with no authority.
      Justin recently posted…Setting Up A High PR DomainMy Profile

    • Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for the comment and check out the follow up soon.

  11. I get emails like this all the time too Justin, half the time the sites they are offering a link from don’t even have any PageRank at all!

    It must work for these guys however as I’ve seen it going on for years. I guess a lot of people take them up on the offer and they don’t even know how to check if the site has any PageRank in the first place.
    Chris Naish recently posted…Anyone Own an SEO Cardiff Wales Company? Cos I Want a Cardiff SEO Job!My Profile

    • Chris !!

      So sorry my friend for the delay, as I told other people, somehow a lot of comments got lost in translation 😉

      You are right, these companies have mastered the art of trading links. They offer you a link on a site with a PR of 2 or 3, but in reality the site is useless because it has no authority and no links to back up the PageRank.
      Justin recently posted…Setting Up A High PR DomainMy Profile

  12. Hi Justin,
    I am a newbie to Blogosphere and initially did not know anything about Page rank.But after reading some articles,i found its solely depended on quality backlinks and content. Since that day,i am really engaging in Link building and creating content.But Now looks like Google doesn’t update their Page rank. Some people say that Google scrap the Page rank measure.Is it true?
    chamal recently posted…Facebook comment box for Blogger with notifications EnabledMy Profile

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