Setting Up A High PR Domain

Setting Up A High PR Domain

Today we are going to go over how to set up your High PageRank Domain to get the best results. This is a comprehensive detailed set of instructions that should take you from start to finish. Keep in mind that this is for after you have purchased the domain, whether it be from GoDaddy Auctions or a Domain Broker. If you have not purchased the domain yet than you can refer to the previous post about Buying A High PR Domain.


Step 1: SEO Hosting


This is a much debated topic and there are many theories out there. Basically, you do not want your High PR Domain sharing a IP Address with any other site, nor do you want it related in any way to the sites you will be linking to. Whatever anyone thinks is ok, but their are certain best practices to adhere to so this is what should be done. You need to invest in SEO Hosting which is usually sold in packs of 5 IP Address’s. This Hosting Company Host the Name has some really good prices. If you have not set up SEO Hosting before it can be very frustrating at first. You are going to need to set up Private Nameservers and your Dedicated IP Address with both the Company where the Domain Name is registered and where it will be hosted. If you are using GoDaddy you need to go to the Domain Manager, choose the Domain you want to edit, and then at the bottom left corner you will see a spot that says “Hosts”. This is where you need to add the ns1 and ns2 which is NameServer 1 and NameServer 2 along with the IP Address that was assigned to the domain. Once that is done you need to refresh the page a few times and then go to “Set Nameservers” or “Manage Nameservers”. Here is where you will input and then again

Domain Details Page:

Bottom Left Corner – Host Summary (add) – click “add” and enter in ns1 and the IP Address and then again click add and enter in ns2 and the same IP address

Set Nameservers – click “I have specific nameservers for my domains” and enter in and

Once that is done you need to submit a support ticket to the Hosting Company with the NameServer and IP Address that you assigned in GoDaddy.

Usually this will consist of a few sentences something like this:

Hello, can you please set up the following for this domain = &

IP Address =

And that is it. Now all you have to do is wait for the propagation process to finish and then off to the next step.


Step 2: Setting Up WordPress


Most of you are very familiar with WordPress but in case you are not, this is for you. You will need to use the One Step install from the Host and install WordPress. Once you do that log in and install a new theme, We prefer a Premium Theme but if you do not have access to one then you are left with a free one. This is ok at first, but if you are setting up multiple High PR Domains then we suggest that you use Elegant Themes because they have about 80 to choose from. Once you choose your theme then you need to edit a few things.

Theme Settings:

Settings – General – WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL – enter your URL in with the WWW or w/out the WWW. This should be based on the research you did previously before you bought the domain and choose the one that has the best metrics and most incoming links going to it

Settings – Site Title – the name of your site without the WWW or .com ( Domain )

Settings – Tag Line – this should be what niche you are going after (SE’s can determine relevancy by the Title Tags and Tagline ) ( SEO & Internet Marketing Blog )

Settings – Permalinks – choose “Post Name”

Settings – Discussion – Turn off comments but this can be done on the individual posts

Settings – Reading – Front Page Displays – Your Latest Posts

The nest thing is to find in your theme the setting that allows you to choose Blog Style Post Format, which makes the full post show on the Home Page


Install – Display Widgets ( this lets you control which widgets are shown and you can block them from appearing on any page or post you want. This is to avoid site-wide links if you have a Blogroll on the Home Page )

Install – Choose your favorite SEO Plugin ( we are not going to go over this now, you all should have your favorite one on hand )

Install – Any 404 redirect plugin ( this is to keep all your link juice that is going to pages that are non-existent anymore and this will pass the juice to the home page )


We suggest adding some widgets to the home page, but this is entirely up to you. What we think is best:

Recent Posts Widget – set to something from 5 – 20 latest posts shown

Text Widget – You can add a Blogroll spot and use that for a place to advertise ( write a few lines like “advertise here” and have about 5 of these lines separated by the <p> or <br> code

Text Widget – You should add a square image that says in it “advertise here” and place 2 of these on top of each other separated by the <p> or <br> code and have it linked to a contact page or email address

Tag Cloud – If you are going to use tags than this is also something that can be done to make the site look natural


You need to add some static pages that do not change so that the site looks real ( sites that get penalized are very easy to spot – no pages or no sidebar or only a home page )

Add New – Contact Us ( this should be used for people to contact you regarding anything including advertising on your site)

Add New – About ( this should be a few paragraphs about the site )

Add New – Terms ( this should just be a general page with some rules about the site )

Add New – Privacy ( this should have your general info regarding what you do with the information or cookies )


This is the meat and potatoes of the site. The whole reason you are going through all of this and the steps is so that you can post original and resourceful content on the site

Add New – Welcome ( we suggest writing a welcome post saying that the site is back up and you are currently building a new site and it will be updated daily )

Add New – Whatever else you want to write about


Add New – Blog ( each new post should be added to this category which should be posted to the home page )

If you want to add multiple categories you can but it is not necessary

Meta Data:

Whatever SEO Plugin you are using will allow you to edit and add meta info for each page and post ( page title and page description )

The format that should be used is – Post Title | Site Name

NoIndex / NoFollow:

You really need to make sure that the following are set correctly to avoid duplicate content and indexing problems:

“Follow” – Posts / Pages / Blog Category / Media

“NoFollow” – Author Pages / Archives / Tags / Format Pages / Date Archives / Search pages / 404 Pages ( if any are there )

If you are using the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin we have a file that you can import for the settings Settings File – Zip

** The only settings that are set up in this file are the Title & Meta Settings **


You are going to want to edit the default copyright which usually includes a link and the Theme Creator’s Link

This can usually be done by going to:

Appearance – Editor – Footer.php ( there will be a bunch of code in their but just look for the WordPress link and start from the <a href point.

The best thing to enter is:

© 2013 <a title=”Domain” href=””>Domain</a>

which will look like this:
© 2013 Domain


You definitely do not want to install “G” Analytic’s on this site. We suggest using Clicky which is awesome for tracking all your website stats. It gives you Real Time Web Analytics that is completely customizable and includes the following real time tracking data:







And much more cool stuff like Spying and Heat Maps


Step 3: Adding Content


Now that you have set up the domain and made every effort to optimize it correctly, it’s now time to start adding content. You will need to add fresh articles and posts regularly so that your site gets indexed quickly and you do not lose PageRank or Authority. If you didn’t know, the more you add content the quicker your site gets indexed. Even if you do add content on a regular basis there is a possibility that it will lose value if you do not build a few links every now and again.

Writing A Article or Post:

Since you are probably doing all of this to send some link juice to your own site or other sites, you are going to need to start writing some articles. You can outsource that task if you are not that good at writing but we do recommend only using original and unique content on this site. It is not worth it to spend all this time and money on the domain and setting it up just for you to post some horribly spun garbage article to it. Take some time to write good articles or check out this site to buy articles Article Teller. You can request the exact article topic you want, the quality of writing you want done, the amount of words for the article, and any other details you want you can specify when you are creating a new job request.

In the article we suggest using 1 link for a 300 word article, or 2 links in a 500 word or more article. Of course the more words the better. Depending on the anchor text profile of the site you are linking to, you should be diversifying all the links going to the site. If you have the leeway to point some Exact Match Keywords to the site than make sure you add a Brand link too. We usually do 1 Brand Link and 1 Partial Match Keyword link in each article. Anymore than 2 links and you run the risk of being noticed and penalized. The last thing you want to do is leave evidence of using the site just to pass link juice so make sure you use more than one type of writing style, change the format of text up, add images on some articles, and use different linking strategies on each article. The more ways you mix the site up the better off you will be. That we promise.


Set up SEO Hosting

Install WordPress

Edit Theme Settings

Add Plugins

Add Widgets

Add Pages

Add Posts

Add Category

Install SEO Plugin

Edit Copyright

Install Tracking

Add Content Regularly


GoDaddy Auctions – Purchasing Domains

Host the Name – SEO Hosting

Elegant Themes – Premium WordPress Themes

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin – SEO Plugin

Settings File – Zip – Yoast Settings File

Clicky – Real Time Web Analytics

Article Teller– Buy Articles


We hope this helps in your journey to set up your own High PR Site. There are much more variables involved but this is the basic set up. If you would like help or want to hire us to set it up for you, please feel free to fill out the contact form, send us a email, or give us a call @ 561 674-3324.

To Be Continued…..

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    • Hey Don,

      Good question. There are 2 main reasons that you would buy and set up a High PR Domain. 1 – You are starting a new site and want the PR and Authority from the start, without having to do all the work to get it to that point. In this case then Analytics is fine. 2- You are buying these domains for the purpose of posting articles with links in them to help rankings for other sites. For this purpose, you do not want that connected in any way to the sites you are linking to. Hence, SEO Hosting with Unique IP’s, and Privacy Registration. If you add “G” Analytics to this then you are leaving a trace of who owns the site and so forth. Unless of course you created a new “G” account, from another location or through a proxy, and set it up in that account. But for the sake of keeping the domain safe, just use Clicky. There interface is very user friendly and it gets right to the point. I hope that explained it a little better. Thanks for stopping by Don.
      Justin recently posted…Buying A High PR DomainMy Profile

  1. A very comprehensive post. It throws light on each and every aspect of the high pr domain. Content is one thing which can never be underestimated as it is the fundamental element for success. Must say, you have disseminated a great set of tips through this post. Thanks for the share.

    • Hello,

      Thank you. A follow up will be coming soon.

  2. Really appreciate your share including all the vital tips and guidelines. Many people lose out on choosing the right kind of plugins and some do not pay much attention to the quality of content.

    • Hi John, sorry for such a late reply. I am glad you found post helpful. Good luck, any question do not hesitate to ask..
      Justin recently posted…Buying A High PR DomainMy Profile


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