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With Palm Beach being the 3rd largest county in Florida, there is no question as to why you started your business here or are planning to open it here. The population is over a million, 1,320,134 to be exact. Located on the Southeast Coast of Florida, it’s the largest out of the 67 counties. It consists of 2,228 square miles, approximately 2,000 of those are land and the remaining are water. Whether your business is near the ocean or not that isn’t going to matter once we get your website to page 1 of Google. That’s the whole key to having a online presence, your physical location does not determine if you succeed or not.

Driving traffic to your site and then converting it to a online sale or getting someone to come to your store is the main objective. And that’s what we do here at SEOjus. Our specially tailored Palm Beach SEO Program is designed to help any company that’s located in Palm Beach. Being that it’s the 3rd largest county in population and it’s increased about 2% per year from 1990 to 2010, the decision to market your product or service here is a no-brainer.

Since Palm Beach County is so big, it’s very hard to compete with the big guys. That’s what we are here for, to give the small guy a chance. Our Palm Beach SEO Program is aimed specifically at customers that are located in that county. If you provide a service or product that serves those customers then you need us. Local SEO is growing rapidly, so don’t wait, let’s get started now! The Service Industry is very big in Palm Beach, for example: painters, plumbers, a/c repair, window tint, car repair, body shop, taxi / limo service, you get the point. It is very common for someone to search for those services with “palm beach” at the beginning or end of the search. That’s why you need to be on page 1 of the results. As we all know, not many if at all anyone goes to page 2 anymore. We have embedded in our brains that anything related/relevant/important is on page 1. If your going to pay for the domain name (name of your website) and the hosting (where your data is stored), you should be where people can see you, and that’s on page 1.

We will target the customers that you need to make your business grow. Don’t get sold by the SEO guy that just cold called you. If your reading this then you found us on page 1. Wouldn’t you only want to work with a company that knows what they are doing? Clearly if you are looking at this now, then we got your attention by not only being on page 1, but we also got you to click on the link. That’s what we do, we get people to click. Be our next success story, pick up the phone or fill out the form. But do it now, because we only service one business per industry per city. That means we will not work for your competitor, ever! Our Moral Compass tells us that doing SEO the right way will only benefit both parties.

From the moment you call us you will notice the difference between us and the rest. You will be treated with the utmost respect, you will not wait on hold, you will get what you want not what we want. There is no high pressure sales, no 1 time only pricing, no transferring to the closer. We are SEO guys not salesman. Every one of our customers is happy, and this is why. We always keep in contact, we never avoid you, we do not outsource anything, there is no hold time when calling, we always know the status of your rankings, if there is ever a problem we are upfront and honest about it, our staff is friendly, and last but not least our prices are rock bottom (too low actually). While your here check out our Local SEO Guarantee.

You will be assigned your own personal SEO Account Manager. Once you sign up you will get all the information you need to have a direct, clear, and friendly relationship with your Account Manager. We do document all conversations that we have with our clients so that there is no misunderstandings and nothing that is left questionable. I’m sure you can agree that after a 30 minute phone call it’s hard to remember everything that was said.

If your business is in Palm Beach give us a call or fill out the form below and take advantage of our Palm Beach SEO Program:

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