Guarantee for SEO

Our 60 – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee:

SEOjus has a simple & easy guarantee.

SEO – Regular (National) SEO is almost always more competitive and more time consuming than Local SEO. Usually Regular SEO consists of ranking for keywords without a geographic indicator. In cases where the keyword is highly competitive, our guarantee changes to 90 days. Example = SEO Software…

Local SEO – We will have you on page 1 of the top 3 search engines within 60 days or you get a full refund.  We do put that in writing and there are special circumstances where this will not apply.Example = Orlando Painter…

Note: This is not a guarantee that we will get you to page 1, this is a money back guarantee which means that if for some reason we do not get you there then you will get a refund.



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