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How It Works…

You pick the 1 keyword that you want to rank for. If you don’t have one we will do the research to see what the best one is for your site. There will be no difference between you and a regular customer. We will record where you are currently ranked and send you a report. Any time there is movement you will be notified via. e-mail. This is the best Free SEO Program out there right now.

We will do the on-page optimization that needs to be done first, and once that is done we can start with the off-page. We want to get that keyword to page 1 just as fast as you want to see it there. However, we need to ensure that it stays there. There will be no cheating the system or use of Black Hat techniques.

SEO is a ongoing process, it’s not a one time thing. So just because it’s ranked high one day it doesn’t mean that it will be there next week. The only way to keep it there is for work to be continually done. Persistence and patience are vital in the SEO Industry. Let’s not prolong the process, fill out the form below or call us now so we can get this started. The only thing stopping you from page 1 ranking is that phone. It’s free, what more can you ask for?

What We Get…

Here is what we ask but do not require. We will place a link on your site which can be anywhere you want ranging from a footer link to a resource page. At the end of month 1 you will write a real legitimate review of what we have done that consists of one paragraph. At the end of month 2 you will write paragraph two. So on and so forth. Although it is not mandatory we do ask that you consider this, SEO is a very time consuming process and we work very hard here at SEOjus to get the best results possible.

Please keep in mind that some keywords are harder than others. If you are targeting “life insurance” then it’s going to take much more time then “great life insurance policies.” Please note that our SEO Guarantee is not valid with our Free SEO Program.

Once we get you to page 1 for that keyword we hope that you will be confident in our ability and upgrade to our SEO or Local SEO Program.

If this isn’t the deal of a lifetime I don’t know what is.

Fill out the form below or call us now so we can get started. Once we have your information we will get started immediately.

If your on a iPhone right now and you want more information you can send us a direct message: Send SEOjus a iMessage

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