About Us

SEOjus is a SEO Company located in Sunny South Florida. We have been around for many years, and we like to cater to the “”Small Guy.”” We know that small business’s don’t have a huge marketing/advertising budget, and we work with that. Knowing that we helped a company get to page 1 of Google for not much money makes us feel good. It just proves that good morals, great customer service, skilled employees, and low prices make a company flourish and clients happy.

As far as our guarantee, yes it’s real. Some companies say there is no way to guarantee results. They are right. However, if you have a strategy, a good team of employees, and a goal, then it’s just a matter of doing the work. DO the work, get results. The guarantee is in place for two reasons, the first is so that their is 0% risk for the client. The second is to motivate us to get you to page 1 within 60 days. It’s very simple, we either get you there or don’t. If we don’t you get a refund, or give us the opportunity to get you their, and in that case you don’t pay for the period of time that takes.

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